Insurance Claims Management & Repairs

Burst pipes, frozen pipes, water escape and leak damage. Following an escape of water and using the latest technology we will detect and repair the leak as quickly as possible. Thereafter we will proceed with a drying out programme before any further required repairs commence.

Impact damage to property is not only stressful but also very dangerous. Falling trees or careless driving can cause serious damage to a property so a quick and professional repair service is paramount. We will immediately survey the property for safety and commence the repairs removing any stress and worries.

Storm damage to property can be very dangerous. Similar to impact damage the property needs to be surveyed to make sure the property is safe. Sotmr damage to property structure is a common occurrence so using professional engineers and surveyors is a must. We use professional local vetted tradesmen.

Freak weather, river overflow, sewage problems or burst pipes, flood damage can be one of the worst possible damages to properties. A comprehensive structural and drying out programme must be made prior to any repairs being made. Our loss assessors will deal with your insurance company throughout.

Criminal damage to a property can include burglary, theft and vandalism making it a very traumatic experience. We will immediately make the property safe and secure before informing your insurance company to help remove some of the stress throughout the claim and repair process.

Subsidence can occur due to earth movement to tree root problems. This can be a major problem and initial safety must be paramount. Our engineers and loss assessors will make sure the property is habitable or not. A detailed survey report will be issued to your insurers so repairs can commence.

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